The ‘NFT Mandi’ in the Nayaab.World universe is the exclusive ‘market’ to buy, sell and trade one of a kind Nayaab.World NFTs.

You have to log in or create an account on Nayaab.World.

To sell your Nayaab.World NFT, you have to create a ‘listing’ for your unique NFT on the ‘NFT Mandi’.

A ‘listing’ is putting your Nayaab.World NFT up for sale in the ‘NFT Mandi’.

Yes, you can edit or delete your listing on the ‘NFT Mandi’ using the ‘Modify Price’ or ‘Delete Listing’ option available on your Wallet.

You decide the price of your unique generative Nayaab.World NFT. We advise you to check the price of similar Nayaab.World NFTs on the ‘NFT Mandi’ to help you decide its value.

To buy a Nayaab.World NFT, you will have to create an account on Nayaab.World. These unique NFTs are only available for purchase on the ‘NFT Mandi’. You can purchase any Nayaab.World NFT listed for sale on the ‘NFT Mandi’.

Yes, the Nayaab.World NFTs are available to anyone interested in owning one and becoming a part of Nayaab.World.

No, the process is entirely free. You just have to register via your email on Nayaab.World.

Yes, there will be a ‘gas fees’, at a very minimum cost and payment gateway charges.

‘Gas fees’ is the minimum transaction cost during purchases on the blockchain. The ‘gas fees’ can fluctuate, and this will reflect during any transaction on the NFT Mandi. (As of 22/07/22 it stands at 20 paise)

The process of the purchase, and payment is immediate, you can own a Nayaab.World NFT in minutes.

NEAR is the crypto token of Near Protocol, the blockchain on which the Nayaab.World NFTs are minted.

NEAR balance is the amount of NEAR holdings in your wallet balance. This NEAR balance gets credited/debited through sales and purchases on the NFT Mandi.

To purchase NFTs you will only be able to use NEAR since all the NFTs are minted on the NEAR blockchain.

1 NEAR as of now is roughly INR 350. The price may vary depending on the ongoing market rates.

Yes, other payment options are available.

You can use UPI, credit and debit cards, net banking, Amazon Pay, and several online wallets to complete your transactions.

The credit amount will reflect in the NEAR balance that is currently placed at the bottom of your Wallet.

If you purchase a Nayaab.World NFT on the ‘NFT Mandi’ the benefits of the Tier get transferred to you, provided that those benefits aren’t already availed by the previous owner.

Our uniquely generated Nayaab.World NFT were distributed at random using an algorithm. The ‘Rarity Rank’ gives an indication about the uniqueness of your Nayaab.World NFT. Don’t worry! No two NFTs can be the same!

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